Feds Rethinking Tsarnaev Charges


boston-bomber-dzhokhar-tsarnaevIt may not be long before the country hears more from Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings. Preliminary talks have been under way “for the past few days” to strike a deal that would allow him to avoid the death penalty if he resumes providing information to investigators, government sources told CNN. But lawyers on both sides are far from reaching a clean agreement, and a Justice Department official said it was inaccurate to suggest they were negotiating a penalty.

The news comes with the appointment of a prominent American defense lawyer, Judy Clarke, who is known for successfully helping some of the country’s most high-profile criminals avoid the death penalty. Read more at CNN.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. The only person who could give the most possible information and they shut him up by reading him his Miranda rights. There were other possible legal routes to take. They are trying to get him to talk again. When will they ever learn that we are still involved in a war on terror. Thanx DOJ

  2. This phenomenom of “plea bargains” and “reduced sentencing” for “cooperation” is certainly one of the most severely wicked aspects of modern society’s system of UN-“Justice”!!

    That an exceedingly wicked fiend who cruely murdered scores of people — often with excruciating torture — can thus “avoid” the death penalty, is obviously a sickening disgrace of humanity!! Furthermore, when such UN-Justice is done, it is then severely outright UNFAIR to those criminals who WERE put to death!!

  3. There was once a horrific case in a hospital in the New England region of our country. An exceedingly wicked corrupt nurse was purposely injecting patients with a heavy drug that induced them to have severe heart attacks. Evidently, she was doing this so that she would look like a “heroine” when she (and other staff members) would rush in to “save” the patient.

    Understandably though, many of the patients DIED from the nurse made injury.

    When she was finally caught, she pleaded guilty to the charges and THUS AVOIDED THE DEATH PENALTY. The son of one of the victims was virtually in tears as he exclaimed: “For her to have gotten the Death Penalty would have been so appropriate, FOR THE POISON THAT THEY USE IN THE LEATHEL INJECTION IS THE SAME POISON THAT SHE USED TO KILL MY MOTHER!!!!!!!!”

  4. To Comment #1. from “anti tsarnaev,” and Comment #2. from “Moshe,” I, of course, say:



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