Feiglin: There is No Palestinian Nation


moshe-feiglinThe Palestinians have no right to claim their own nation, and in fact should not even be called Palestinians, says Moshe Feiglin, deputy speaker of the Knesset.

“[They are] the Arabs in the land of Israel. I do not call them ‘Palestinians’ because there is no Palestinian nation. We should start saying the truth,” Feiglin told “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

“Can you talk about the Palestinian history in the 19th century, for example? Can you give a name of a Palestinian poet from the 18th century or show me a Palestinian coin or anything like that?

“It’s one big lie. This false nation was created just for one reason, to destroy Israel. The minute, God forbid, Israel disappears, there will be no Palestinians anymore,” he said Wednesday. Read more.

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  1. He is correct to be confused by their legitimacy. I Never capitalize the P in palestinians. They are not a people as their aim is only to hurt and destroy legitimate nations. Ultimately, the palestinians are a confused society without dignity of human trust or the values of trust in Good Will. They have no purpose other than to be a stoplight of their own prediction on the human friendship of human trust in Good Order. And on that, they have no capacity to lead.

    Never Again.

  2. Dear Matzav,

    I’ve been wondering, is there any way that you can get Mr. Charlie Hall and Mr. Never Again to debate something? I think we’ll all get a good laugh!

    Looking forward,

    Never Charlie

  3. There have ALWAYS been AKUM in E”I. Like everyone else in the world,except Yidden, they were identified by the person and culture of their authorities/controllers. As Rav Wasserman zzl writes in his Aesnakhtah d’G’ulsa, the dangerous nation-state concept emerged in the 19th century. Maskilim devised the Jewish version very late in the century, and the Muslim Arabs maybe two decades later. Mr Feiglin is a realist about the improbability of peace between Zionist and “Palestinian” (or just about anyone in the Muslim Ummah), but is naive or dissembling when he pretends they’re a non-entity. They certainly exist, and Jews are an incredible catalyst for stimulating the rise of other “nationalities”, especially genocidal ones. Rach’mana Litzlan.

  4. Exactly as it says in Parshas Vehaazinu:
    ?? ?????? ??? ?? ?????? ??????? ???? ?????? ??? ?? ???? ??? ??????
    (‘????? ??’:??)
    They are a ‘lo am’ – a pseudo-nation – that Hashem has loosed upon us measure for measure.

  5. Of course they are not a nation; they are a part of the Arab nation and have always admitted so, until the 1960’s when the political move was made for them to make up this fiction, all in order to try to destroy Israel. Any informed person really knows that, but, of course, the lies are easily made into truths when it comes to the demonization and, c’v, eliminating the Jews. Truth is simple, but becomes something else when in regards to Israel/Jews.


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