Feinstein: Iran Attack on Israel Would Be ‘Major War’ for US


iranCalifornia Sen. Dianne Feinstein said Sunday she believes her fellow Democrats will support the Iran nuclear deal hammered out last week by the Obama administration and other Western nations.

But she said she is aware of Israel’s concerns and said that an attack on the American ally would lead to war.

“I think it’s pretty clear to everybody that America has Israel’s back,” Feinstein said on “Face the Nation,” pointing out the the United States gives large amounts of money and security aid to Israel.

“If Israel were to be attacked, this would be major war on our part,” she said.

But Feinstein sounded hopeful in Iran’s “moderate elected government that wants to make a change,” saying, “We’ll see if this is enough to induce that change.

Turning to the lone wolf terror attack that left four Marines and one member of the Navy dead last week, Feinstein said that such attacks may become commonplace in America since there is little officials can do to stop them.

“This concerns me very greatly,” she said.

Feinstein said she has met with the chief counsels of the major Internet companies in an attempt to have them remove information, such as how to build undetectable bombs and where to sit on a plane to have them explode.

“They will not do it unless they are mandated to do it by law,” she said.

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  1. Mrs. Feinstein, it seems you have forgotten that in Iran, Israel is only the Little Satan. The honorable title of Great Satan goes to the United States. The #1 top hit chant on the charts in Teheran is “Death to America.” No “moderate elected change” over there.

    The reason you, and I would venture to say anyone else who votes for this death deal can do so is that you have somehow convinced yourselves that only Israel is in danger, and hey, we can spare a few million Israelis if it means keeping the Ayatollah at bay. But what if the mullahs decide to go for the big bucks first? Intercontinental ballistic missiles aren’t necessary in order to hit Tel Aviv. For whom do you think they might be intended?

    As for America having Israel’s back, that’s highly debatable. But what is certain is that Israel has America’s. What if the Great Satan needs the Little one to come to the rescue, rather than the other way around?

  2. A real shoiteh…After Iranian attack c”v , may be too late. …More important PREVENTING Iran from reaching that point , which may necessitate offensive action.!!!!!!!! Hashem yerachem al amoi yisroel….leiv melochim beyad Hashem……


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