Felder Announces Passage Of Important School Bus Bill For Students Dismissed After Regular School Hours


felderNew York – Senator Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) announced that beginning fall 2013, school bus service will be available for children in Kindergarten through sixth grade who remain in school for academic reasons after 4 P.M. Previously, parents were forced to pay out-of-pocket for after-school bus service or had to make other arrangements to ensure their children returned home from school safely. Now, all students will receive corner-to-corner pick-up and drop-off bus service, thereby maximizing student safety.

“This was not only a matter of safety, but of equity,” said Senator Felder, who chairs the New York City Education Subcommittee. “For far too long, the City and State have denied these students bus service even though it would cost the City millions of dollars more if all children attended public schools.”

“Presently, the City allocates approximately $6,700 to provide bus service to public school students. Our legislation provides for this basic service for all students and does it for a lot cheaper,” Felder added. “This is a huge victory for all New York City’s parents and children.”

“There were many setbacks leading up to this moment,” Felder remarked. “People told us this legislation could never and would never pass, but thanks to the leadership of Republican Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, we prevailed and this bill became a reality.

Felder also noted that the commitment and leadership of Speaker Silver and the Governor were critical in this effort. Rabbi Shiya Ostreicher; Senators John Flanagan and Marty Golden; Assemblymembers Helene Weinstein and Dov Hikind were all instrumental in achieving this success.

{Andy Heller-Matzav.com Newscenter}


  1. It would still be cheaper to give me back my $6700.00 and let the schools organize private busing which cost approx $1500 per child- for door to door- better than corners; but it will never happen as long as the city is in cahoots with the unions.


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