Felder: Parents’ Petition Drive Is Key to Passage of Education Investment Tax Credit


felderWith thousands of petitions already collected and thousands more on the way, parents are delivering a powerful message to the New York State Assembly and the Governor that broken promises will not be tolerated.

Last Tuesday, the New York State Assembly excluded the Education Investment Tax Credit (EITC) from its budget despite promises to include it. Earlier in the year, the Governor linked the EITC to the controversial DREAM Act, effectively ensuring that neither bill would be passed. The Assembly and the Governor are sending a loud and clear message that the needs of tuition paying parents are not a priority at all.

“The EITC petition drive is our parents’ response to the Assembly and the Governor,” said Senator Felder. “By signing the petitions, parents are sending their own message to Albany that their needs matter. Parents are begging for help, and demanding that the promises made to them be kept.”

“​I am very upset to hear that the NYS Assembly ​left out this very important tuition credit, after so much effort has been put in,” said Mr. Moskowitz, a tuition paying parent. “I am a middle class citizen struggling to make ends meet. Please don’t let us down!! Approve this important tuition credit now, no excuses!”

“Your petitions will put pressure on the Assembly and the Governor, equally, to keep their promises and pass the EITC now! Parents are desperate for some relief from the backbreaking weight of tuition costs, and I urge each and every parent to voice their support for the EITC by sending an email with their name and address to TuitionCreditNow@gmail.com. Parents can also fill out the petition form on our website at www.felder.nysenate.gov, or call my office at 718-253-2015,” said Senator Felder.

{Matzav.com Newscenter}


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