Fight Breaks Out By The Kosel Over Reform Celebrationdaven


Reform Jews clashed with charedim and security personnel at the Kosel Thursday, after attempting to pray at the site in celebration of newly ordained male and female rabbis.

While members of the group, who fought security guards as they entered the Kosel plaza with Sifrei  Torah, claimed they were exercising their right to freedom of prayer, Kosel administrators accused them of a publicity stunt.

There were no injuries in the incident, and it ended quickly. Read more at Times of Israel.



  1. Were they to try a similar stunt in a mosque almost anywhere in the world, they would be killed. For some reason, these interlopers from a foreign country feel secure enough to march in to a site of great religious significance in order to mock and blaspheme the age old customs and hallowed sanctity of Judaism.

    It is a testament to how a Jew feels connected even when he is far removed from religious observance.

    If only these misguided souls would keep their imitation Judaism to their temples in America.. But as long as authentic Judaism ignores them they feel shunned. Instead of asking for direction to be accepted, they protest and create a tumult in the hope this will gain them the feeling of inclusion that eludes them.

    I guess you can call them the Peleg HaReformi…..

  2. All thoughts is that the Pharaoh’s enchantments in many of our towns are making reform and conservative people more and more off the derech. The wise idea that they visit the wall is seemingly o.k. In all it interrupts wise prayer if the reform want to make a major hard feeling such as the women of the wall.

    Otherwise, this is important that these people can make a day at the wall in hopes they ever improve their yiddishkeit. If the traditional are smart, we must not start a war over any. Any words to shout are heresy as well and you can not ride the devil out of the wage of its own poor tail.

    Another day another day. These stories are telling. We are entering more religious times and even the religious are having a hard time.

    All thoughts, hope for peace and daven. We can do it at the wall. We can hope they can too.



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