Film in 9/11 Museum Is Called Offensive to Muslims


twin-towers-at-the-9-11-museumPast the towering tridents that survived the World Trade Center collapse, adjacent to a gallery with photographs of the 19 hijackers, a brief film at the soon-to-open National September 11 Memorial Museum will seek to explain to visitors the historical roots of the attacks.

The film, “The Rise of Al Qaeda,” refers to the terrorists as Islamists who viewed their mission as a jihad. The NBC News anchor Brian Williams, who narrates the film, speaks over images of terrorist training camps and Qaeda attacks spanning decades. Interspersed are explanations of the ideology of the terrorists, from video clips in foreign-accented English translations.

The documentary is not even seven minutes long, the exhibit just a small part of the museum. But it has over the last few weeks suddenly become a flash point in what has long been one of the most highly charged issues at the museum: how it should talk about Islam and Muslims.

With the museum opening on May 21, it has shown the film to several groups, including an interfaith advisory group of clergy members. Those on the panel overwhelmingly took strong exception to the film, believing some of the terminology in it casts aspersions on all Muslims, and requested changes. But the museum has declined. In March, the sole imam in the group resigned to make clear that he could not endorse its contents. Read more here.

{ Newscenter}


  1. Poor Muslims! What a calumny – always maligned for no good reason. This film depicting radical Islam in a negative light is so offensive. Why, it actually might insinuate that Muslims must denounce and disassociate from their radical brothers and and if they don’t, then they, too are condemned. Isn’t it plain to see how unfair that is, making radical Islam and all those who don’t condemn it look so bad?! Woe to whoever dares shame Islam. The film must be banned immediately and if not, don’t blame Muslims for taking revenge by blowing up or perhaps crashing a plane into the entire Memorial Museum.

  2. #2 I d like to add that with the devious distortions of the state dpt they ll blame the destruction of the towers and the murdering of 3000 innocent people on the video. Hillary, are you there

  3. So this is our existence in this country: Walking on eggshells not to do anything offensive to the Muslims lest they unleash their fury against anyone they perceive has done something racist against them.

    What a double-standard! Muslims can say and do whatever they want to Jews without fear of retribution; however, if something is said or displayed about Muslims, they will scream racism, discrimination, or worse yet, kill people in the name of Jihad.



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