Finally: Israel To Withhold Tax Transfers To Palestinians


netanyahu Israel today roundly rejected the United Nations’ endorsement of an independent state of Palestine, announcing it would withhold more than $100 million collected for the Palestinian government to pay debts to Israeli companies.

It was the second act of reprisal since the U.N. General Assembly voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to support the Palestinians’ statehood initiative. The following day, Israel announced it would start drawing up plans to build thousands of settlement homes, including the first-ever residential developments on a sensitive piece of land near Yerushalayim. Actual construction would be years away.

Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu declared the statehood campaign, led by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, as “a gross violation of the agreements signed with the state of Israel.”

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  1. IT’S ABOUT TIME Israel has the guts to STOP AIDING THE TERRORISTS and start using the money for the Israeli Victims of Terror.

  2. Netanyahu is nuts. This is exactly the sort of thing that can bring on an international economic boycott of Israel. In addition, it can bring in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States, and even Iran into a financial consortium to aid the Palestinians, thereby giving countries who are mucb stronger and much more unfriendly a foothold in the West Bank. The United States can only do so much. It can’t force Europe or China to trade with Israel, and it can’t stop Arab countries from gettng involved.

    The result will be: a forced resolution of the problem with Israel forced to give up almost all of the West Bank and be faced with a Palestinian state which is strongly influenced by and economically connected with governments who are not our friends.

    Being “tough” isn’t the answer. International politics isn’t a paratroop raid. Time to get smart.

  3. #2:
    The PA owes millions and millions of dollars to Israel, for years. No citizen of Israel can owe as much as a month to the IEC without having their electricity shut off. If Israel were to treat the PA the same way, they would be without power years ago. Paying the IEC with that tax money should be regarded as a courtesy. Israel went way above and beyond the call of duty by not doing this before.

    Beyond that, international politics isn’t a paratroop raid because it is a sham. We all know that whatever Israel does is disproportional, unprovoked, unreasonable, detrimental to the peace process, etc. etc. The rules are simple and everyone, including Abbas, knows them: THe PA gets to do whatever it wants. Israel can’t do anything it wants.


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