Fired Google Engineer Says Company Execs Shamed and Smeared Him


James Damore, the former Google engineer, whose controversial memo has triggered a nationwide debate on gender differences and diversity efforts in technology, defended his views in an interview Wednesday with Bloomberg Television, saying company executives are smearing him in its wake.

The memo, which was leaked to the public over the weekend, argues that conservative viewpoints are suppressed at Google and that biological differences between men and women explain in part why so few women work in software engineering. Even if someone in Google management had agreed with some of the arguments put forth in his piece, they wouldn’t have felt safe speaking up, he said.

“There was a concerted effort among upper management to have a very clear signal that what I did was harmful and wrong and didn’t stand for Google,” Damore said. “It would be career suicide for any executives or directors to support me.” Read more at Bloomberg.



  1. Tolerance applies only in reference to liberals and the LGBTQ communities. To conservatives and others, shaming and smearing is an obligation. Is it any wonder they lost the election in a landslide?


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