First Chareidi Pre-Military Prep Course in Israel Underway


idf-soldier1Pre-military preparatory courses have been part and parcel with the IDF experience for some time now, so much so that various options have sprung up over the years. A young person facing enlistment can choose from a religious, secular, or Druze preparatory course. There is even a prep course for religious girls. This year, another pre-military preparatory course joins the 36 that already exist – a chareidi preparatory course.

“This is a course tailored for chareidi boys leaving their frameworks and who want to enlist in any case,” said the head of the prep course, Rabbi Moshik Ben-Or. “The whole summer we advertised and built a lobby of rabbonim to support the course. Until now, 15 people have already signed up. In my estimation, there is enormous potential for high levels of chareidi  participants.”

The course, named Nerot Le’Ha’ir, kicked off its first school year on Sunday. The participants will all enlist to the Nachal Chareidi Brigade in another year and a half. Their curriculum includes workout sessions, kung-fu, survival training, membership to a country club, and a rappelling course. In addition, the students will regularly attend shiurim taught daily by a rebbi.

Ben-Or said, “The military put together a plan for us with lessons in combat legacy, tours of factories and universities. We will also bring them together with chareidim who have integrated into the upper echelons of the State in order to direct them towards leadership positions. We give them freedom. They can even wear jeans if they want. Only on Shabbat are they required to wear a suit and hat, just like there are dress uniforms in the military.”

“This is another aspect of the change the chareidi public is undergoing,” explained David Zoldan, one of the first soldiers in Nachal Chareidi.

“In general, the chareidi public is changing. Ten years ago, such a thing wouldn’t work… The Lithuanian community won’t oppose it, just like it isn’t opposed to enlisting into the Air Force or Nachal Chareidi, but it will never oppose it publicly. There is no doubt that this is another step on the way to more inclusive enlistment.

“If this rate continues, there will be a very professional chareidi brigade in another 10 years, God willing.”

The preparatory course’s leaders hope to attract more and more students, and thereby help solve the problem of chareidi youth who drop out of their study frameworks, a growing phenomenon in the chareidi world. 



  1. #1 Is your concept of avodas haboreh all chitzonius? Is one deviation from the monolithic behavior norms a critical failure in Charedius? Are you a robot, or a human being?

  2. dovid: you cant label a person just cuz he whers jeans. this new prep course is a beutifull establishnent. thank you 2 all who serve in the IDF 4 protecting Eretz Yisroel.


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