First Private Moon Mission Approved


A private company called Moon Express is set to provide the first private mission to the Moon after the federal government gave its approval.

The company, which seeks to fly commercial missions to the Moon, also hopes to encourage exploration and mining with its commercial missions. Its first lunar landing is scheduled for late 2017.

“This is not only a milestone, but really a threshold for the entire commercial space industry,” Bob Richards, Moon Express co-founder and CEO, told on Wednesday, commenting on the historic decision.

The company submitted an application to the FAA on April 8, and it went through the U.S. State Department, the U.S. Department of Defense, NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the Federal Communications Commission before finally getting approval. Read more at SPACE.COM.



  1. It’s race to see who will open the first assited living/nursing home on the moon since there is government funding.

  2. Where do I get in line for that senior facility on the moon? Relatives will occasionally phone but won’t need to make up the most absurdest excuses for avoiding visiting, and at the same time I won’t have to put up with it.
    And if I really must go to someone’s wedding or if I miss NYC, from the Moon it was a 3-day trip in the late 60s and I’d expect by the time the nursing home facility opens, it’d be no worse than a transcontinental flight on Earth with Economy Class ticket.


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