First Stadium In Israel To Close On Shabbos


Unprecedentedly, thanks to the efforts of Shas councilman Rafi Barnaz, a stadium due to be built in the coastal town of Bat Yam at the cost of 800 million shekels will be closed on Shabbos.

“This is a historical precedent for there is no stadium in Israel that does not operate on Shabbos,” Barnaz said. “Mayor Yosi Bachar cooperated with me and gave full support. Also, after twenty-five years in the city council I have good relations with all representatives, even the secular ones who respect me and saw that I was upset that Shabbos might be desecrated. They indeed voted against [it operating on Shabbos].”

One Meretz councilman voted against the motion and a Bayit Yehudi representative abstained. Bat Yam has four large religious communities: a chareidi Sefardi kehillah, Chabad, Bobov and Breslev.

David Steger – Israel


  1. in such dark times when Jewish blood flows so freely in israel and elsewhere it is inspiring to read a story like this such unity is what is needed to defend from so many foes

    thank you


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