Five Republican-Nominated Judges Signal Support For Travel Ban


Five Republican-appointed judges on the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals signaled their support for the legal underpinnings of President Donald Trump’s travel ban late Wednesday in an unusual and unsolicited filing, CNN reports.

Despite the fact that Trump has resoundingly and repeatedly criticized the 9th Circuit, five judges came to the President’s defense, saying that “whatever we, as individuals, may feel about the President or the Executive Order, the President’s decision was well within the powers of the presidency.”

The comments from the five judges do not impact the move by a federal judge in Hawaii who blocked Trump’s new travel ban on Wednesday.

But it could be meaningful down the line. If the Justice Department appeals the Hawaii ruling, the case will be headed to the 9th Circuit and could very well be heard by these same five judges who now say the law is on Trump’s side. Read more at CNN.


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