Five Towns: Achiezer Hurricane Update


achiezerSignificant process is being made with LIPA. It has been reported to us that many parts of Nassau County and even Far Rockaway have started to see power.

We will continue to share progress updates throughout the day.

We are putting together a tremendous amount of manpower to help anyone who needs throughout the day.
We will be sending more than 130 volunteers today. If you require any sort of cleaning out, pumping, or shlepping of any sort, let us know.
Additionally If you are interested in volunteering some time, please call our hotline, or 347-752-1400.

All Bayswater residents will vote at the Far Rockaway High School which is located at 821 Bay 25th Street, Far Rockaway.
All Far Rockaway residents will vote at IS 53 located at 1045 Nameoke Street, Far Rockaway.
All Nassau County residents will vote at their regularly scheduled locations.

Our dedicated food coordinators will be setting up at four locations.
Young Israel of Bayswater, White Shul, Shor Yoshuv, and Young Israel of Woodmere.
The Far Rockaway locations wiill be serving breakfast, and all of the locations will serve lunch at 12:30, with dinner at 4:30 PM.
We have also been in constant touch with CHABAD and they will be offering breakfast and lunch until 4:30pm as well as a hot dinner from 4:30-8pm. You may also go there to rest and recharge your batteries.

There will once again be laundry drop offs at Shor Yoshuv and The Young Israel of Bayswater from 12-3pm TODAY.

There is a tremendous amount of beautiful, brand new clothing set up in Shor Yoshuv until 4pm today. Anyone who is unable to get there and requires transportation, we will provided a ride to pick you up and bring you home. Just call the office and your ride will be setup. We will also be receiving a shipment today of hundreds of baby items, coats, and blankets for anyone who needs.

FEMA update:
We would like to give a tremendous thank you to Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder who has brought senators and congressmen throughout the week to our offices, as he lobbies them aggressively to secure proper FEMA funding, and potential housing for our communities.

Additionally we will be having FEMA application signups again today at our lawrence office, 334 Central Avenue. Our special FEMA/insurance task force will be on hand from 4-6 PM to help file applications, and to answer any questions you may have.
If you would like to utilize this service today, you MUST bring the following information:
The address of your damaged home/apt
Name of people living in household
Social security numbers for each household member
A description of your disaster damages
Insurance policy information
Telephone number where you will be able to receive a message
Address that can receive mail
If you are approved for disaster assistance funds and would like them sent directly to your bank, you will need your bank account type, routing number and account number.
Further application details will be provided when you sign up.
If you plan on coming to the office today to sign up, although it is not required, please try to confirm your spot through our office hotline.

Shaimos Truck:
The shaimos bin will be parked for another 2 days at Shor Yoshuv. If you need a pickup for your specifc shul, please speak with our office to see if it can be arranged.

Special Fund:
Every shul throughout the neighborhood has been assigned a special gabbai/liasion to assist those who require. If you are unsure of who to speak with in your particular shul, please email, or call our office.
The Achiezer community hotline if you have any questions is: 516-791-4444

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