Flake: ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ Flynn Never Belonged As National Security Adviser


Sen. Jeff Flake slammed President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn in an interview aired Thursday, calling him a “conspiracy theorist” unfit to serve in such in such an office.

“Michael Flynn didn’t come up for a Senate vote,” Flake told Bharara, who was fired from his U.S. attorney position by Trump earlier this year. “I said from the beginning, if that were, I wouldn’t have voted for it, that I thought a conspiracy theorist like that doesn’t belong as head of the national security.” Read more at The Hill.




  1. Wow. So Flaky Jake has now become a useful idiot for the Democrats/media? With McCain and Flake as Senators, the voters of Arizona have shown that they are the dumbest people in this Country.


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