Flatbush Jewish Community Opens Facilities To NYPD


In light of recent news reports that NYPD police officers were barred from utilizing restrooms at certain local institutions, the FJCC, the Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition, announced that Synagogues and Yeshivas in the greater Flatbush community would welcome officers as a show of solidarity and appreciation for New York’s Finest.

“Our community has always been supportive of the NYPD” said Josh Mehlman, Chairman of the FJCC, “Our institutions have always welcomed police officers, there is a real sense of appreciation for those that dedicate their lives for public service.” The FJCC has notified the local precinct commanders of the community’s offer and they were very grateful for the support and solidarity. Rafi Treitel and Dovi Zeitlin, FJCC executive board members and longtime NYPD liaisons stated, “The police and our community maintain an excellent relationship and we always welcome the hard working officers whom we hold in high regard.”



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