Flatbush Shomrim Announces Free Community On-Site Shredding Day Event Before Pesach Provided By Lioncage Shredding


paper-shreddingIn response to the recent reports from local and federal law enforcement agencies that Identity Theft is at all time high in the community, Flatbush Shomrim has arranged a free on-site shredding day event before Pesach.  

The FREE shredding event is scheduled for this Sunday, March 17th from the hours of 12 noon till 4pm, rain or shine. A LionCage Shredding truck will be parked across from HASC – 1221 East 14th Street between Ave. L and Locust Ave.

Organizers are advising that this free service is available for residence only, not for businesses. Limit to one or two boxes or bags per family. Items to bring: Old tax returns, expired IDs, credit cards, sensitive documents etc. Paper only. No metal, plastic or general trash. No need to remove paper clips or staples.

While doing your Pesach cleaning you will find many documents that you no longer need. Don’t throw it out in the regular trash. “Identity theft is real” explains Mark from LionCage Shredding. “Especially in this economy, a trash can is a gold mine for ID thieves.”

This event is endorsed by Flatbush Shomrim. “Local and Federal Law Enforcement agencies are reporting that identity theft is at an all time high” explains Chaim Duetsch. “Take advantage of this free on-site shredding event. Don’t become the next victim” he warned.

A special thanks of Hakovas Hatov goes to Chaim Duetsch for arranging this free event.

For more information about LionCage Shredding for your business, please call 718.575.LION (5466) or visit them online at: www.LionCage.com

· LionCage is Bonded, Insured and Certified in NY, NJ, CT, PA, VA, DC
· LionCage is NYS licensed – Lic. # 15810153000
· LionCage is NYC Business Integrity Commission Licensed – Lic.# 4480
· LionCage is NAID AAA Certified

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  1. “Organizers are advising that this free service is available for residence only, not for businesses.”

    Ribono shel olam, that should read “residents”, nd not “residence”.

    Is there no one with even a “shemetz” of knowledge of how to spell English correctly? Does no one bother to proof read articles (originals or submitted by third parties) any more?

    And BTW, R’ Chaim spells his surname “Deutsch”, and not the way it appears here.

  2. Ribono shel olam,Shomrim are doing a free service for the community. where is your hakarat hatov?
    Your reaction is much worse than a few spelling mistakes. Shame on you!!!


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