FM Lieberman Splits Likud Beitinu Over Netanyahu’s Conduct


avigdor-liebermanBy Aryeh Savir

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman announced today that his political party Yisrael Beiteinu is splitting away from the Likud faction following PM Netanyahu’s conduct regarding the current deteriorating security situation, as Lieberman has recently become critical of Netanyahu’s inaction in response to Hamas’ ongoing terror attacks on Israel’s south.

Tensions have been rising between the two over the past weeks, culminating at an apparent shout-down that occurred between the two at a cabinet meeting earlier this week.

Lieberman’s party will return to operate as an independent faction as before the two parties’ signed a pact ahead of the 2013 elections. Lieberman stated he will not leave the coalition, however he noted that from the outset the coalition was shaky and comprised of too many opposing factions.

During a press conference today FM Lieberman attacked PM Netanyahu’s response to the current precarious security situation in Israel, which is too weak in Lieberman’s opinion.

Tazpit News Agency

{ Israel}


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