For Real: Russia Panics Over Mayan Apocalypse


russiaGoodness gracious.

Reacting to conspiracy theorists who think that the long-awaited Mayan apocalypse on Dec. 21 will come true, Russians have begun buying supplies, building strange archways, and otherwise losing their minds. But hold on to your fur hats, Russian officials said last week.

The minister of emergency situations announced that he has “methods of monitoring what is occurring on the planet earth,” and there is no need to fear. It’s not just Mother Russia that has had to deal with Mayan fever, however-from France to Mexico, people have begun acting strangely in response to the ancient prediction. Read more about this absurdity at The New York Times.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. Avodah Zara. That’s still alive.

    The sad part is, is that this same doomsday talk goes on right here in the comment section of Matzav. And yes, it is also avodah zarah. Ever see those CD’s these clowns try to distribute in our neighborhoods? Ever get other garbage they try to distribute?

    It’s these same “jews for yoshka pondrak” writing in here under “moshela” and “yehudah” etc. all types silly doomsday talk. Pure stupidity.

    Matzav, please stop posting their garbage. Thank you

  2. H-shem can do what ever He wants. If He wants to send an Apocolypes on Dec 21st so be it. Maybe the goyim will do teshuvah on that day.

  3. There are many calenders in the world – Jewish 5773; Christian/Gregorian 2012; Islamic 1433; Pagan/Mayan Super Cycle 5,125; Iranian Nuclear Enrichment Red Line Soon ???

    Take note all…

    The divine timetable will trump them all. Some people alive today know more about what G-d wants to see unfold down here on terra firma in the coming days, weeks, months and years. These people should be recognized, supported and heeded. The HMS International without a good captain and crew will at best get stuck in the doldrums, and at worst go the way of the Titanic.


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