FOR SHAME: Cory Booker Poses For Picture With Group That Endorses Palestinian Terrorists


New Jersey Democratic Senator Cory Booker posed for a picture with members of a Palestinian group that approves of terrorists and has endorsed the BDS movement targeting Israel for more than a decade. Booker held up a sign from the US Campaign For Palestinian Rights that read, “From Palestine to Mexico, all the walls have got to go.”

As far as the wall Israel built to protect itself from attacks, The Washington Institute reported in 2004:

Between October 2000 and July 2003, the date of completion of the first phase (known as Stage A) of construction of the fence along Israel’s northwestern rim of the West Bank, thirty-five “successful” suicide attacks have originated from the northern West Bank alone. Specifically, twenty-one of the attacks originated from Jenin, and fourteen from Nablus. Those attacks caused the murder of 156 Israeli civilians. The attacks from Jenin resulted in the deaths of ninety-seven Israelis. …

In contrast, since Stage A was completed last summer, only three “successful” suicide attacks have originated from the northern West Bank. Those three attacks, one from Jenin and two from Nablus, were responsible for the deaths of twenty-six Israeli civilians. The most significant attack took place on October 4, 2003, in Haifa, where a suicide bomber from Jenin killed twenty-one civilians in Maksim Caf. Since December 25, 2003, there has not been a single attack from the northern West Bank, including Jenin and Nablus.

USPCR’s connection to BDS? In 2005, 170 Palestinian civil society organizations created the boycotts, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) targeting Israel; USCPR endorsed BDS shortly after it was issued in July 2005.

USCPR endorses Palestinian terrorists. Rasmea Odeh was convicted by Israeli courts for her role in the murder of two students, Leon Kanner, 21, and Eddie Joffe, 22, in the 1969 Jerusalem supermarket bombing. The two were killed by a bomb that was placed in a crowded Jerusalem SuperSol supermarket; they had stopped there to buy groceries for a field trip. Nine other people were wounded.

The Chicago Tribune reported that in the documentary, “Women in Struggle,” Odeh made no denial that she had a role in the bombings. But for USCPR, “Rasmea represents the Palestinian struggle.”



  1. That’s okay. Cory & I hate Israel and Jews with a vengeance. As long as those dumb stupid Jews keep voting for us anyway, we will continue with our hatred. Why should we stop? We suffer no consequences on account of our actions. The great thing with us Democrats is that no matter what we say or do to hurt them, those gullible idiot Yid’s will always vote and support us. Such a dumb people.

      • Yes. Skelos is the epitome of a Rino! He was in the MAJORITY but yet he capitulated the minority! He didn’t want to be called a homophobe. Skelos never should of allowed the gay marriage bill to be brought to the floor. If he would of had just a little self esteem, toaiva marriage would of not been the law in NY State. He had the power in his hand, but like every Rino, HE CAPITULATED to the Democrat MINORITY!!! And yet you have small feeble minded people who comment here and say, oh Trump is awful and evil and mean, etc etc. We must elect true conservatives like Kasich, Romney, Jeb Bush, Pataki, Christie, etc. Totally outrageous. These Rinos would fold like a cheap camera to the minority democrats/media faster than you can say cheese. Skelos is the poster boy for these Rinos.
        Have the democrats EVER capitulated to the Republicans when the GOP was in the minority?! Obama?!

  2. Either Senator Booker doesn’t read the signs hes handed to pose with or he believes the security wall Israel constructed at great expense to protect its citizens from murderous terrorists is unjust. It’s a terrible look either way.

  3. Bog his streets. Jews have a name.

    KKK friendly guy. We must watch.

    Hitler still has a pond named after him in Pickaway County, Ohio. What a weird world.

  4. What more do you expect from a protege of Obama? Hussain Obama sat in the pews of Rev Wright and relished in his hatred yet he had overwhelming support of the Jews. Same here with Booker. He will say stuff that will delight the Jewish lobby by promising them the world and they will ignore his essence which is hatred


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