‘Force Field’ Technology Could Make US Tanks Unstoppable


In amazing news for Army families and soldiers, General Mark Milley recently told the Senate the Army intends to ultimately outfit the entire heavy force, all combat vehicles, with APS.

Basically, APS can stop weapons that are extremely destructive. Weapons that can potentially be lethal to tanks and other armored combat vehicles, even though they are protected by armor.

Using a number of radars positioned around the tank to provide 360-degree detection of incoming fire, the APS evaluates whether it is a real threat, sends a warning to the crew and nearby forces and also launches an EFP (Explosively Formed Projectile) to destroy the projectile.

Thus far, not every single weapon any enemy could wield would be stopped – but certainly many of the most commonly used would be stopped before impact. Read more at Fox News.




      • Not yet. Working on them.

        Spent 2 weeks in.the Negev testing Trophy, back when the US funded it jointly with Israel. It took the US Army 20 years to finally realize its usefulness, while the IDF put it on their Merkava tanks as soon as it was ready’

        • Interesting – I’d love to pick your brain about the technical details. From the limited details provided by the Fox article it sounds like an Iron Dome system for mobile armor. It sounds much better and far less limited than reactive armor, although I’d think that at some point it could theoretically be overwhelmed (just like Iron Dome).


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