Forged Plumbas Found on Meat in Afula


plumba-alert-small[Video below.] A surprise inspection conducted by agriculture and veterinary inspectors of the Ministry of Agriculture of a truck belonging to Daniel Danny Meats in Kfar Saba in the Afula area revealed that the vehicle was transporting treife meat which the driver insisted came from a legitimate shlacht hois in Shfaram.  To the surprise of inspectors, they found the driver came prepared, armed with forms documenting proper health and veterinary inspection, blank forms that were signed by a district health physician. The paperwork elicited the suspicion of inspectors, who also searched the vehicle.In the glove box, they found some 200 metallic plumbas (kosher seals) that stated chalak (glatt) under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate National certification.

The meat was found not to be from any legitimate slaughterhouse – and the inspectors believe its origin was of shady origin, adding it is suspected of being treif.

The Fraud Division of the Chief Rabbinate advises not to accept any meat products from Daniel Danny Meats, located at 7 HaChartzit Street in Kfar Saba.

plumba-alertAny butcher store that may have accepted deliver from the above mentioned distributed is instructed to return all meat. In addition, the store is urged to contact the Rabbinate and send a copy of the kashrus paperwork that accompanied the order to fax number 02-531-3169 towards assisting the ongoing investigation.

Click here to view a video clip taken inside the Shfaram slaughterhouse showing the forged plumba.

 {Yair Israel/Jerusalem Kosher News}



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