Former Candidate Nachman Caller Endorses Joe Lazar For City Council


callerFormer City Council candidate Nachman Caller endorsed Joe Lazar today in the Special Election for Brooklyn’s 44th Councilmanic District. Nachman, a distinguished lawyer, accountant, community leader and Talmudic scholar, praised Joe Lazar for his fiscal expertise and integrity. “Joe Lazar is exactly the type of Councilman we need to lead our community through these dangerous financial times,” explained Caller. “Joe shares my passion and commitment for our community and I am certain that he will make us proud as our representative in City Hall. I look forward to working closely with Joe.”

“I am honored that a man of Nachman Caller’s esteemed reputation has not just chosen to endorse me, but is rallying his many supporters to join our campaign and will be working together with me in instituting new housing programs for the community,” said Joe Lazar. “The aim of this campaign has always been to unify our community behind our common interests and shared culture. With Nachman Caller and his team coming into the fold, we have taken another giant step forward to achieving this goal.”

Nachman’s announcement comes in conjunction with an unprecedented display of unity this week, when over 100 community leaders from across the 44th Councilmanic District signed on to a letter endorsing Joe Lazar. These leaders, representing many of the district’s most prominent community organizations, religious groups, and activist causes, continue to extend Lazar’s impressive grassroots political organization.

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. Big mistake. I’m glad he dropped out. He was backed into a corner by Shelly Silver and Hikind. I bet they put him up to this as well. Chicago politics at its finest (or worst)!

  2. haha

    I see that you like to use this forum to vent because you follow Gavriel like a mouse during the day, and your wife doesn’t let you think for yourself at night


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