Former Clinton, DNC Aides Largely Silent On Funding Of Trump-Russia Dossier


Hillary Clinton and top officials of her presidential campaign were largely silent Wednesday in response to the revelation that the campaign and the Democratic National Committee had paid for research that resulted in a dossier alleging Russian interference on behalf of Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Neither Clinton nor her campaign manager, Robby Mook, responded to requests for comment Wednesday. Campaign chair John Podesta declined to comment beyond referring reporters to a statement issued the previous day by the campaign’s law firm saying officials had not been aware of the arrangement.

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  1. What about that little runt, Adam Schiff? He suddenly lost his tongue? Schiff is what’s wrong with Washington. Completely unabashed partisan hack.

  2. The DNC will just keep pressuring Mueller to find the Russian ghost that brought Trump to power, keeping it on the front pages in the media daily, and keep silent on her uranium scandal, on her money laundering, on her over 200 murders and other corruptions.
    Why should such a monstrous criminal get away with all her corruptions and even have the chutzpah contemplating running again in 2020, according to Wikileaks yesterday? Are political criminals immune to justice?


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