Former IDF Chief Defends Military’s Values, Says Next Conflict ‘Will Be Worse’



The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spares no effort to defend democracy and moral values, former IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz said Monday at an event hosted by the Shurat Hadin-Israel Law Center civil rights organization in Jerusalem.

Commenting on last summer’s Israel-Hamas war and the criticism leveled at the IDF over the number of Palestinian civilian casualties, Gantz said that “sometimes the weaker party is not necessarily in the right.”

“Both in Gaza and in Lebanon, the enemy operates from within civilian populations,” he said, Israel Hayom reported. “They turn entire villages into rocket-launching sites. Their guest rooms are made into explosives warehouses. Don’t tell me it’s a kindergarten when I know it’s a rocket warehouse. Don’t tell me it’s a mosque when I know it’s a rocket warehouse. I don’t know of one synagogue in Israel where terrorists meet, or rockets, missiles, and munitions are stored.”

While civilians have paid a price for the fighting in Gaza and Lebanon, “the next round of violence will be worse and see this suffering increase, because while Israel has to constantly face moral dilemmas, it also has so defend itself,” said Gantz.


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