Former IDF Chief Gantz Decries ‘Hysteria’ Over Iran Nuclear Deal


benny-gantzFormer IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz said Friday he was not more concerned about Israel’s security following the signing of the nuclear accord between Tehran and world powers, adding that he saw the benefits of the deal which he said had prevented war. The deal, he said, was a case of the “cup half-full.”

“I refuse to get hysterical” about the nuclear deal, he told a gathering of policymakers and analysts in Washington DC Friday morning, in likely reference to official Israel’s excoriation of the agreement.

Read more at The Times of Israel.

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  1. Gantz is not hysterical, in fact he feels really good. Just wondering if he had sent his children to Europe already? Does he have a private jet ready to go when things get hot? How much was deposited to his secret Swiss bank account by his benefactors? The guy looks like a crook and talks like a crook.

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