Former Press Secretary: Hillary Might Not Run


white-house-press-secretary-to-bill-clinton-mike-mccurryHillary 2016 is all but a done deal for nearly everyone who follows American politics. ┬áBut former White House press secretary to Bill Clinton Mike McCurry says he’s not convinced there’s going to to another Clinton in on the ballot.

In a segment on Real Clear Politics ‘Changing Lanes series, where the news organization interviews influential figures while driving through the nation’s Capitol, McCurry said Hillary may opt to continue the work she’s doing with the Clinton Foundation instead of pursuing elected office again.

“I’d like to say I’m the only person left – I’m probably in this car the only last person in Washington who’d be willing to take some bet that she might not run,” McCurry told RCP co-founder Tom Bevan and Washington Bureau Chief Carl Cannon.

McCurry said he wasn’t sure Hillary would want to go through the hassle of running again at this stage in her life, especially when ‘she’s doing terrific work’ and ‘finding other ways to make a contribution.’

‘We all know what running for president is like,’ McCurry said. ‘It’s kind of hanging around in Manchester, New Hampshire… at the local Denny’s shaking hands with a lot of sometimes less-than-interesting local political people.’

‘She’s going to do that for the next two and a half years at age 65 when she could be doing all this great stuff on a global stage? I don’t know. I think that’s why she hasn’t said, “I’m doing it.” ‘

Bevan pointed out during the conversation that becoming a grandmother may factor into Hillary’s decision, as well.

McCurry would not say Hillary would be ‘unbeatable’ if she did run but said she would be ‘fomidable, because among other things, she would do the job very well.’
‘I am confident when I say, “Hillary Clinton would be a good president” that she would be,’ he said.


{ Newscenter}


  1. Maybe this guy is in the Joe Biden camp?

    Either that or he can the Benghazi writing on the wall for Hillary (without actually saying so!).


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