Former Trump Adviser Caputo: Trump Jr. ‘Made A Mistake’ With Meeting


In a special segment on “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly,” NBC News’ Katy Tur reported on the meeting Donald Trump Jr. and other members of the Trump team had during the campaign with a Russian lawyer promising dirt on Hillary Clinton.

“Donald Junior made a mistake,” former Trump adviser Michael Caputo, said, “and he’d do it entirely differently if he had an opportunity.”

Asked if the meeting should have raised red flags, given that Russian government connections were implied in the emails setting it up, Caputo said “for an experienced campaign operative? Yeah, it should have raised a red flag. For a family member, for a first-time candidate for president of the United States in a whirlwind like we were in? I’m not surprised.”

Caputo added that the meeting merely showed Trump Jr.’s “naiveté (in) his first experience in a political campaign” rather than evidence of collusion between Trump campaign officials and Russia. Read more at The Hill.




  1. Yes. Everyone agrees that a big mistake was done. Ok. So therfore what? President Trump should step down and Hillary Clinton should become President?! I mean seriously. What’s the end game? How does any of this affect how I’m going to put bread on my table or send my kids to school? How will this affect my medical coverage? I mean really? Regardless of who is in power, can we get back to governing and stop being a tabloid feeder?

  2. Hashem is the real one in power & the real one running the world. These politicians from low local mayor politicians to the highest one the POTUS these are all just middlemen doing Hashems job & mission in each country to run the entire world together with a plan.

    STOP BELIEVING IN PHYSICAL HUMAN POLITICIANS & START TO TRUST HASHEM running the world exactly according to the plan that is for the good of klal yisroel & for the entire world. (yes your paycheck is coming from Hashem & not from your employer so please stop depending on humans & depends on HASHEM alone as we say in tehillim “for one that depends on Hashem alone lacks nothing”


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