Four Belzer Chassidm Graduate Law School With The Rebbe’s Encouragement


Dozens of charedim participated last week in the Ono Academic College campus graduation ceremony.

The ceremony was held at the Performing Arts Center in Ashdod, where graduates were awarded diplomas, including four Belz chassidim from Ashdod who were certified as lawyers.

The chassidim went to school after receiving encouragement from their Rebbe, who evidently felt it was important for them to get a college education.

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  1. Eretz yisroel has no Dina dmalchusa and the majority of people are Jewish and mandated by Torasainu Hokodosha to litigate in Bais Din.

    • Either fight erev rav in the judenrat courts and have a 50% chance of victory, or don’t fight back and let erev rav abuse the frum velt.

    • I assume the new attorneys will be able to liaise with government agencies on matters of the Klal, represent those who need legal counsel and help others to navigate the convoluted Israeli legal system.

  2. But if you are sued in Bais Mishpat by a non-Jew or irreligious, you may definitely defend yourself and would need a lawyer. Even on offence you may go to BM for a ikul etc.

  3. Hopefully these frum lawyers will send Jews off to a Bin Din as Jews are OBLIGATED to do according to Torah and deal only with goyim for the anti-Torah Begatz court.

  4. Lot’s of hate here. I think this Rebbe is a great leader and others would do well to use him as a model. He seems to be more with the times (while staying firmly within his Chassidus) than most of the Admorim.

  5. Kol Hakovod to the 4 yungerleit on their graduation.
    Kol Hakovod to the Belzer Rebbe shlit”a for encouraging them to become lawyers
    That is a true Manhig Yisroel, and one with “sechel”.
    To those that are shocked by the Rebbe’s encouragement – you are probably one of those “kvetching ah bank” in some Kolel living off of gov’t programs and handouts.
    Working to support a family is the true Torah’dike hashkofo and the way of all the previous doiros.
    Halevai “k’moso yirbu b’Yisroel”


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