Four Israeli Police Officers Injured in Har Habayis Unrest


Four Israeli police officers were injured and 24 Arab rioters were arrested in violent clashes on the Har Habayis on Friday.

The Hebrew news site Walla quoted a police spokesman describing the scene: “With the end of prayers on the Har Habayis, in an unclear and unexplained move, stones and fireworks were thrown at police forces. On the orders of the commander of the Jerusalem District, police forces entered and began to clear the Mount.”

According to Israel’s Channel Two, a group of around 100 rioters blockaded themselves inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Mount.

In an unusual move, near 200 police and security officers were ordered to enter and clear the mosque.

Four police officers were injured in the process and 24 rioters were arrested. Further arrests were expected.

(C) 2018 . The Algemeiner      . Benjamin Kerstein



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