Fourth Advanced German Submarine En Route to Israel


israel-submarineIsrael will add a fourth advanced Dolphin-class submarine to its naval fleet within the next few days, the commander of the Israel Navy said this week. “After leaving Germany, the INS Tanin, the Navy and the State of Israel’s fourth submarine, is making its way to Israel,” Vice Admiral Ram Rothberg said. “It can dive deeper, go farther for a longer time and can operate at a level we have not seen until today.”

Israeli submarines conducted 54 special operations in 2013, including deployments to the Lebanese coast and other deployments lasting several weeks that took the submarines thousands of kilometers from Israel. Israel is to receive a fifth submarine, the INS Rahav, later in 2014.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Reasons for a new hope in the future: Good planning against evil!

    I would venture to suggest that the future should include more naval vessiles and it would really frighten the monsters if Israel had 2 aircraft carriers as well. Maybe Israel is going to become a superpower that wins against the inhumanity on the seas as well. I live to see it happen. G-d bless Israel and The Smiles on the Fish today!

  2. “if Israel had 2 aircraft carriers ”

    No country other than the United States has more than one. And in addition to the aircraft carriers, you need about a hundred aircraft on each ship, and also cruisers and destroyers to protect the aircraft carriers. The cost of all this is probably at least $100 billion. The entire annual budget for the IDF is about $15 billion, and Israel’s entire gross domestic product is about $300 billion.


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