France: At Least 7 Injured After Being Attacked By Man ‘Shouting Allahu Akbar’


A man in his early 40s, shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before launching an attack on members of the public on Avenue Frederic-Estebe in Toulouse, France.

Officers were quickly alerted to the situation by passersby and it took three officers to bring the situation under control.

The attacker was not carrying any weapons but two victims were taken to hospital with minor injuries. Five others were injured in the attack.


According to local reports, the man is well-known to authorities and is believed to have stayed in a psychiatric hospital earlier this year. Read more here.



  1. He was stressed out from work. Nothing more. Workplace violence.
    Stop insinuating racial biases. You should be arrested for a hate crime.

  2. If this islamonazi tried his terror act in, let’s say, Texas, he’d be shot by the bystanders before he could inflict any serious damage. But Europe is “gun free safe” you know. The law abiding citizens are sheep at mercy of terrorists and criminals.


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