France’s Macron Cancels Previously Postponed Trip To Israel


French President Emmanuel Macron has reportedly cancelled his upcoming trip to Israel and the Palestinian Authority that was scheduled for November.

Last year, Macron said he planned to visit Israel and the Palestinian Authority in Spring 2018 to voice French support for the continuation of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

The visit was postponed and has now been called off altogether, according to Ynet. Israel believe Macron may have cancelled his trip for reasons related to the ongoing clashes taking place in the Gaza Strip.

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  1. He can enjoy his toast, fries, mustard and wines at home! Israeli Hummus and Israeli wines are much better than French. And he certainly doesn’t care for Palestinian hashish, balloons or cocktails! So home with his arab immigrants he will stay! His home grown terrorists is his preferred choice and so it will be! Israel stood to gain nothing from his trip.


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