Free Chinuch Training Program



There are a few limited slots available in a new summer chinuch training program for seminary graduates looking to gain skills and experience in chinuch, kiruv and related fields. Aliya@TheZone is a free program sponsored by Oorah geared to idealistic young women looking to jumpstart their careers in education or community service while making a difference for klal Yisrael. The exclusive program, led by experienced mechanchos Mrs. Miriam Jaffe and Mrs. Miri Cohen, combines a fun and invigorating daily schedule with shiurim and guidance from esteemed mechanchim including HaRav Chaim Mintz, shlita, mashgiach of Yeshiva of Staten Island and founder of Oorah, and Rabbi Avi Davidowitz. Located on TheZone’s stunning campus in upstate New York with top-notch amenities, gourmet meals, trips and unmatched ruach, this offers an incredible opportunity to girls returning from Eretz Yisrael to do something remarkable with their summer. The daily program includes giving shiur to kiruv campers, preparing the high school aged staff to learn with their TorahMates, learning one on one with college aged girls and plenty of time for fun. It also offers the opportunity for personal meetings with the many visiting rabbanim, roshei yeshiva and rebbetzins.

Apply now by emailing Mrs. Miri Cohen: Miri.Cohen at Oorah dot org


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