French Firm Pulls Out Of Jerusalem Cable Car Project After Palestinian Pressure


yerushalayimThe French consortium SAFEGE has decided to end its participation in a Yerushalayim cable car transportation project over what the firm called “political” concerns.

According to a report in the French daily newspaper Le Figaro, the move by SAFEGE came after a meeting with France’s foreign and economic ministries. The firm said that its decision was made “to avoid any political interpretation,” said a representative of Suez Environment, SAFEGE’s parent company.

Saeb Erekat, the Palestinian Authority’s chief negotiator, had contacted French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius to complain about the project, which includes a cable car in eastern Jerusalem.

“The plan will lead to the illegal expropriation of private property, some of which belongs to the Waqf (Islamic religious endowment),” Erekat wrote to Fabius, Le Figaro reported.

In addition to pressure from the Palestinians, the $31.7 million cable car project has also been met with strong opposition from environmental and religious groups in Jerusalem. Project planners hope that the cable car will reduce traffic congestion in Yerushalayim by easing transportation through the Israeli capital, including to holy sites in the Old City and the Har Hazeisim.


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  1. Who are the RELIGIOUS GROUPS? Why does the Israeli government want to spend money on the OCCUPIED EASTERN JERUSALEM infracstructure withot the monitary cotribution of the occupied the environmentalists? Why not tax the Arab Taxi drivers and Arab Biss companies as well as the Waqf? What ever happened to the Yiddishe Cup?

  2. If Jerusalem is Israels capital, all of it is.
    Anypart that isnt Israel Proper is cccupied by the ARABS….oh the irony.


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