French Islamists Who Targeted Jews Go On Trial


Hyper CacherFrench authorities on Monday began a trial of more than a dozen radical Islamists who planned attacks on several Jewish stores.

The leader of the group, Mohamed Achamlane, reportedly possessed a list of Jewish stores that were marked as “targets.” These stores include five supermarkets in the Hyper Cacher chain, the same store in which four Jewish shoppers were killed in a siege and shooting just days after the attack on the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine in Paris.

The suspects belong to the radical “Forsane Alizza” (“The Horsemen of Pride” in Arabic) group and are charged with “criminal conspiracy related to a terrorist enterprise.” Some of the members are also charged with illegal weapons possession.

Several of the suspects allegedly also planned to kidnap Jewish judge Albert Levy and considered targeting other Jewish figures, Reuters reported.




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