French Priest Claims Holocaust Death Toll Above 6 Million


holocaustHolocaust by Bullets is the title of a book by French priest Patrick Desbois recently published in an English edition that presents his findings based on mass graves and eyewitness accounts of the decimation of Jews shot by Nazi soldiers and local militias in the Ukraine and other parts of the eastern war front. In an interview with The Times of London on one of the pits full of bones he uncovered in a field in Bogdanivka, Desbois says that estimates of the number of Jews killed by gunshots fall below the numbers he has found. After five years of investigating massacres in fields and villages, he believes historians will have to revise the Holocaust death toll beyond the accepted estimate of 6 million.”Every village was a crime scene,” he says, standing alongside the pit with a ballistics expert who has helped him discover and dig up mass graves in Ukraine and Galicia. Every massacre was carried out under different conditions according to who carried out the shooting – Wehrmacht soldiers, SS soldiers or Ukrainian villagers. The Nazi generals of the Sixth Army, for instance, were infamous for their standing order intended to save ammunition: “One bullet, one Jew.”

{Arnon Yaffeh-Deiah veDibur/ Newscenter}


  1. In light of the present trend to deny the Holocaust, the book is a breath of fresh air. However, I cannot condone the digging up of the mass graves. The kedoshim deserve to rest in peace. I also hope he didn’t decide to baptize them posthumously. HY”D.


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