Frum Girl Sophie Levitin Makes Miraculous Recovery


Sophie Levitin, a 4-year-old whose was in a drowning accident last week spurred tefillos across the Jewish world, has, b’chasdei Hashem, made a miraculous recovery.

4-year-old Sophie was taken to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee after being involved in a drowning incident while visiting relatives in Tennessee last Sunday.

Sophie’s parents used social media to give an update on their daughters wondrous turnaround.

“Sophie has been evaluated by OT and PT and is doing great! She was able to get up and walk around a bit. She has some strength to gain back, but we are all amazed with how strong she has been!

“All the different doctors and teams have officially cleared her of needing anything more IN the hospital! The discharge orders have been put in and we should be going home to NY in just about no time,” her mother Devorah Levitin wrote.

Her parents thanked all those who assisted the family during this difficult time.

“I would like to stress again how amazing everyone has been. All our family and friends, and those we don’t even know, all over the world. Of all hospitals to have been in, Vanderbilt Children’s couldn’t have been any better. The staff makes you feel like family and truly cares about Sophie! The Chabad of Nashville has made sure to take care of all our kosher needs and much more! Thank you again and I can’t wait to update with video/pictures of Sophie running around back at home in NY,” she wrote.

Please continue to say Tehillim for Tzophia Bella Bas Devorah Esther for a full and complete recovery.




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