Frum Toy Store Owner Donates $10,000 Worth of Toys to Sandy Victims


toys-to-discover-boro-parkBrooklyn – Toys to Discover, a Jewish-owned toy store on 18th Avenue in Borough Park gave away over $10,000 worth of toys to children affected by hurricane Sandy.

On the weekend of November 18, owner Yonasan Schwartz handed out over 600 packages of toys to Brooklyn and Long Island children whose homes were heavily damaged or destroyed by the epic storm.

In an interview with JTA, Schwartz said he “decided… to do a little sharing” after witnessing the destruction, handing out gift packages including two types of building blocks, Jewish children’s books, colorful children’s bandages, Jewish figurine toys, and kitchen play sets.  The total value of each package was approximately $150.

Schwartz told JTA he had planned to hand out 500 packages, but quickly put together another 100 after requests from Seagate and Far Rockaway showed more children were in need of some cheer.

Schwartz said he would continue to offer deep discounts to anyone coming into his store and saying they were affected by the storm.  He expressed his hope that the new toys would fill the holes in the children’s hearts left by the loss of their old toys.

Source: The Jewish Press

{ Newscenter}


  1. I walked past past sunday morning and i thought a pre-black friday sale was going on!! tons of ppl were walking away with huge bags fulll of toys at a very early hour. I x dream that this is what it actually was!!!!!!
    Toys to Discover, Keep up ur great work!!!!!

  2. Hashem should bless the Toys to Discover staff for their wonderful generosity. They treated us all with dignity and compassion. Although a toy may seem like a luxury at a time like this, it meant so much to my children. It lifts our spirits when we see how our fellow Yidden truly feel our pain.

  3. it says each package was approximately $150. then it says he had planned to hand out 500 packages, but quickly put together another 100 after requests from Seagate and Far Rockaway.
    the headline says Owner Donates $10,000 Worth of Toys to Sandy Victims
    how does the math work out. seems alot more then 10,000

  4. Perhaps he can inspire us all with another recording! His warm, niggunim, pack-filled with Emuna and.Bitachon are always inspiring people!
    He’s a very special Yid. May HaShem bless him with Kol tuv!

  5. Wow! I’m not sure why anyone needs to decide that this was a “business move.” We’ve been shopping at Toys to Discover for four years and Mr. Schwartz has a great store, good service, and always helps others. He helped us a LOT for our Chinese Auction [many others won’t help because they’re deluged by the endless CA’s in the community but he went out of his way to help] and in many other ways too. Kol HaKovod. A Yid who does Chessed deserves nothing less than the benefit of the doubt.

  6. Mr. Yonesen Schwartz is a well known community activist, he is involved n every organization doing good for the needy people, he is always a helping hand, physically and emotionally for those in need.
    Tizku Lmitzvos

  7. Very nice but how can you continue to run a succesful business, giving away so much merchendice for free or cost price? You still have to pay rent, utilities, payroll, taxes, coffee breaks, etc… I wish them Hatzlacha none the less.

  8. Amazing, great to see things like this!

    I heard that Accentuations By Design gave out like 20 new bedroom or dinning room sets to people that lost theirs in the storm, over $100,000 of furniture. I was also told that people that bought stuff from them in the past called up & said that part of their sets were destroyed & they gave them free furniture as well. WOW

  9. Yonasan! Gr8 move! Yonasen and his wife are Genuine nice ppl and very giving!! Whenever I shop by Toys 2 Discover “nothing is ever a problem!”

  10. Yoneson Schwartz has always sought to help and inspire his brethren. Those who speak Yiddish can all think about the inspiration they received from his tapes.


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