Gadi Eisenkot Named Next Israeli Military Chief


maj-gen-gadi-eisenkotMaj. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot was formally confirmed on Saturday night as the 21st IDF Chief of the General Staff.

The announcement was made by Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon. The appointment will be presented to the cabinet on Sunday, and will be subject to formal approval from the Turkel Committee, which already vetted Eisenkot for his current post as deputy chief of staff.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wished him “success in the name of the citizens of Israel.” He said Eisenkot had been “chosen from an outstanding group of generals to lead the IDF in grappling with the complex security challenges facing Israel.”

Opposition leader Isaac Herzog (Labor) welcomed the appointment, calling Eisenkot “a brilliant officer… who is not afraid to speak his mind.”

An infantryman from the Golani Brigade who stood out during the Second Lebanon War for his sober reading of the situation, Eisenkot was notified that he had been given the post by Netanyahu on Friday morning. He is set to take up the job on February 15, succeeding Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz.

Eisenkot’s deputy will be Yair Golan, the general who formerly headed the IDF’s Northern Command, Ya’alon announced.

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  1. The past year and half should have been an monumental lesson

    to all those who wondered how come the charedim felt the need to be in the gov’t

    (Will it finally silence all defamers ?
    The last pasuk in this past weeks haftorah said..)


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