Gas Lines Form Across Tri-State Stations As Blizzard Approaches


gas-linesMany in the Tri-State area are not taking any chances, using the hours before the storm to gas up cars and containers for generators.

With a blizzard taking aim at the region, the scene at gas stations brought back memories of Superstorm Sandy.

Though lines weren’t nearly as long as those seen after Sandy, gas stations across the region were seeing more traffic than usual Friday morning.

People are also filling up gas cans for generators.

Some got a head start on their preparations and began hitting up gas stations as early as Thursday afternoon.

A Hess Station in Massapequa, L.I. saw some extra traffic overnight with cars lined up waiting to fill their tanks; there was a similar scene at a Citgo in Rockville Centre.

Some stations in Connecticut ran out of gas during the rush to prepare for the approaching blizzard.

Motorists say stations in Torrington, West Hartford, Vernon, East Lyme and other towns ran out of fuel Thursday afternoon and evening as people filled their cars and trucks as well as containers for generators and snow blowers. Long lines were reported at many stations.

Cumberland Farms worker Brittany Brienza in Torrington told the Register Citizen that her store had to shut off its pumps at about 5 p.m. Thursday after running out of gas and had to refund money to customers who prepaid before the gas ran out. The station ran out of fuel despite getting a gas delivery Wednesday.

Brienza says it’s not clear when the next gas delivery will arrive.


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