After 180 Rockets, Gaza Official Says This Round Of Escalation Is ‘Over’


A Gaza official on Thursday afternoon has told Reuters that this round of escalation is over.

The official said things now depend on Israel.

AFP claimed that “Gaza militants halted rocket fire at Israel at noon on Thursday” and quoted a member of the joint command of terrorist factions in Gaza as saying that “all groups had ‘stopped around 12 noon all the operations, shooting and rockets.'”

However, at approximately 12:29p.m. and again 1:10p.m., air raid sirens sounded in Israel, indicating that Hamas or another terror group had continued firing missiles at Israeli civilians. 180 rockets have been fired at Israel over the past 24 hours.


Read more at Arutz Sheva.



    • Because all of Israel’s military decisions are reviewed first, by the editorial board of the NY Times, the BBC, the DNC, & NPR. They must do whatever they say. Avigdor Lieberman is perpetually drunk. Netanyahu is busy preparing his legacy.

  1. Reminds me of Dinkins during the Crown Heights riots (pogroms) where he told the NYPD to “let them vent their anger”. He told the NYPD not to respond. (I know because I met police officers in the hospital, and they all told me so).
    So now Israel has to allow Hamas to vent – to get it out of their system.
    They got it out (maybe) and say OK were done for now – but if you retaliate, we start again.
    So what does the IDF do in response? It bombs a few empty buildings to let the Israeli citizens get it out of their system.
    Don’t they see that the more they desecrate Shabbos – the worse it gets for them?
    Peres said the Oslo agreement was worth those killed in the intifada etc – it’s for peace.
    The Bagatz says the bombings are all worth it – for the sake of Democracy.
    And the politicians blame it all on the Chareidim.


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