Gaza Rocket Hits School in Ashkelon


gaza-rocket1 A rocket fired by Palestinians in Gaza hit a school parking lot in Ashkelon this morning. No injuries were reported as all Israeli schools are closed within a 40-km. radius of Gaza. The Iron Dome rocket-defense system intercepted three of the four rockets fired at Ashkelon. The fourth scored a direct hit on an apartment building, wounding two people. A house near Kiryat Malachi was struck Sunday evening in a direct hit. There was widespread wreckage but no injuries were reported. The residents had taken cover in the reinforced safe room.

Hamas and other terrorist factions launched 120 rockets into Israel on Sunday, including two Fajr-5 missiles at Tel Aviv. Both were intercepted. In Ashdod, six Grad rockets were intercepted, while one smashed into a residential building, wounding two residents. Five civilians traveling in a vehicle in Ofakim were injured by shrapnel from a rocket.

The Iron Dome intercepted 38 rockets heading for built-up areas on Sunday. The army has completed preparations for a ground offensive, as it masses growing forces at the border with Gaza.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. “Hamas is letting out their frustration on Israel, and is sending rockets into Jewish territory. The cruel Israelis intercepted some of the rocket sent into Israel, and are planning to raid Gaza, and rid the peace seeking terrorists of their much needed weapons, and leaders.”


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