Gaza Rockets Rain On Despite IDF’s 48 Hour Ultimatum


rockets-israelSirens wailed in Israel’s southern city of Sderot, the Eshkol region, Sdot Negev and Shaar Hanegev Regional Council warning of incoming rocket fire from Gaza early this ┬ámorning.

Five rockets were launched at Israel, with one landing in Palestinian territory. The Iron Dome intercepted another.

No injuries or damage were reported as the projectiles struck open areas.

The new salvo Friday comes after over 15 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip Thursday evening, leaving one soldier lightly injured. As the southern border continued to heat up Thursday, with intermittent rocket fire striking southern Israel, residents were advised to stay within 15 seconds of bomb shelters.

Israel on Thursday reportedly issued a 48-hour ultimatum to Hamas in Gaza to halt the incessant fire or face a massive Israeli strike. The ultimatum was conveyed to Hamas leaders via Egyptian intelligence, they said.

An hour before the evening rocket barrage, Hamas said that in the event of an escalation, Israel would “be surprised” by its rocket arsenal and range.

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  1. This is what happens when you have a weak government who tries to appease the world and neglects its own people and country.


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