Gazans Watch with Pride as Hamas Targets Yerushalayim


israel-gazaGazans have been watching with gleeful pride as Hamas terrorists fire rockets deeper than ever into Israel and Arab leaders flock to previously isolated Gaza to show solidarity. Growing collateral damage from Israel’s massive aerial bombardments of Hamas targets does not appear to have hurt the Islamists’ sudden popularity.

Saed Moaserji, a 19-year-old engineering student from Gaza’s Jebaliya refugee camp, said he felt intense pride after Hamas rocket squads for the first time this week targeted Yerushalayim.

“I never liked Hamas, but I wished I could kiss the forehead of the one who fired the rocket on Jerusalem,” Moaserji said yesterday, standing outside a local Hamas commander’s two-story home that had just been flattened in an airstrike.

The support was in sharp contrast to recent months, when the Islamist group seemed to be flailing, riven by internal divisions over the direction of the movement and the refusal of Egypt’s new government to lift a Gaza blockade imposed by Israel and the previous regime in Cairo after Hamas seized the territory in 2007.

{Andy, with reporting by Fox}


  1. Realize that this is the closest that this group of people has been to democracy. I am sure this is a higher aspiration than holding rocks and rockets in their hands. But of course, the word of the trusted Ally of Hashem is not likely to be found on an Israeli repressive sign in Gaza. Either way, look to the future with a prosperous Israel. With Aid from its highly democratic friends here in America.

  2. The most hillarious thing that people are forgetting about is During this whole tumult, their digging up Arafat to see if he still has ringworm


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