Gaza’s Smuggling Tunnels Rebound from Israeli Offensive December 14, 2012  2:24 pm

gaza-tunnelsGazans are rebuilding the network of underground smuggling tunnels crisscrossing the Egyptian border that were pummeled in a recent Israeli offensive, restoring the illicit conduit for consumer goods and weapons so crucial to Hamas rule. The border area is humming around the clock with workers carting in cement, bricks, gravel and scaffolding.

Hamas estimates Israel bombed 60% of the tunnels, said government spokesman Ihab Ghussein. Tunnel operators say dozens remain out of commission, but they are quickly rebuilding them. Tunnel operators, pointing off into the distance, said there are tunnels reserved exclusively for Hamas shipments, presumably weapons.

{Andy Newscenter}

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1 .Comment from matan

December 15, 2012 at 9:01 pm
hashem should watch over us


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