Gedolim Reiterate Warnings to Avoid Unsupervised Trips and Places of Chillul Shabbos


rav-elyashiv1Gedolei Eretz Yisroel are urging the bnei Torah public to guard themselves carefully against spiritual and physical dangers during bein hazemanim, and to use the time for elevation in Torah and yiras Shomayim. A letter written by Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv and Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman in Nissan of this year read: “In previous years we have stated our opinion on the danger involved in trips, and since an entire week without yeshiva study remains, and this is liable to cause the time to be used for dangers chas vesholom, we are issuing a warning to avoid this very carefully…And those who do not endanger themselves merit the words of the verse, `Hashem yishmerecho mikol ro, yishmor es nafshecho.'”In another letter they warn parents not to allow their children “to rent rooms at hostels, hotels and rooms in the north, which enables them access to television and other wholly unacceptable things. The stumbling blocks are very numerous, Rachmono litzlan.”

aharon-leib-shteinman-3Gedolei Yisroel warn: “We have heard about a terrible breach in which young men from good families rent rooms in hostels, hotels and guest rooms in the north…[There have been reports of] bochurim renting a room in order to unwind, but were unable to withstand the nisoyon. They stumbled and underwent a serious decline.

“Parents must be aware of the perils and act prudently in standing on the watch and not allowing their children to embark on trips. If there is a real necessity they should only take part in organized trips with proper supervision to prevent spiritual and physical dangers.”

Meanwhile, Vaadas HaRabbonim Lemaan Kedushas HaShabbos are reminding the general public that according to gedolei Yisroel, before setting out for various sites they should be checked to ensure they are shomer Shabbos in order to increase kvod Shabbos and kvod Shomayim and not to cause chilul Hashem by visiting places of chilul Shabbos and patronizing businesses that breach the walls of Shabbos.

According to Vaadas HaRabbonim there has been a significant rise in public awareness of the obligation to avoid chilul Shabbos caused by supporting Shabbos desecraters.

For specific information contact the Shabbos Information Center at 052-761-1834 or 054-845-0516. For voice messages and faxes dial 02-540-1990. For a recording listing of sites that do not desecrate Shabbos, call 02-640-0160.

{Yair Israel/Deiah veDibur-Yechiel Sever}


  1. A number of prominent askanim visited the home of HaGaon HaRav Aryeh Yehuda Leib Shteinman Shlita, armed with a ‘kol korei’ regarding vacations during bein hazmanim. They called to refrain from organized group vacations at this time, especially in areas not totally chareidi. Such vacations have a negative educational impact on family members, the askanim explain.

    Rav Shteinman jumped up, the weekly BaKehilla reports, with the Gadol HaDor stating that any bachor taking vacation now, even a day or two, enhances his abilities and performance following vacation.

    The Rav explained that the result of the vacation is indeed visible the entire month of Elul and after that as well, question “even this you wish to take away from them?”

    The Rav did not stop here, but went on to explain that every year mashgichim approach him to cancel the summer camps. They claim the bochrim are too wild in the camp setting. The Rav is quoted as saying “I maintain that the camps must indeed be run in a proper yeshiva setting but ultimately, the rosh yeshiva benefits directly from these camps. Attending the camps is indeed suitable and beneficial. Only severe monetary limitations and a lack of abilities may exonerate a yeshiva from organizing a camp”

  2. That’s why Rabbi Steinman is the man to turn to with questions like these. I’m sure Rabbi Kanievsky would agree. Will someone PLEASE tell these “askonim” to stop running Judaism? We have real rabbis for that. These “askonim” would shut down everything worldwide, if they could. They must be stopped before Orthodox Judaism becomes unrecognizable from what it was a mere 20-30 years ago.


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