General Motors Recalls 3 Million Cars


gmA total of five new separate recalls totaling about 3 million vehicles were issued on Thursday by General Motors, bringing its total number of recalls since April 1 to 10. Included in the recall are 2.44 million passenger cars for tail lamp problems, 111,000 older Chevrolet Corvettes for loss of low-beam head lamps, 140,000 2014 Chevrolet Malibus for hydraulic brake booster malfunctions, 19,225 Cadillac CTS 2013-14 models for windshield wiper failures, and 477 full-size 2014-15 trucks for tie-rod defect that can lead to a crash.

GM found itself in hot water earlier this year when it was revealed that ignition switch defects in its cars were linked to 13 deaths and 32 crashes.

“We have redoubled our efforts to expedite and resolve current reviews in process and also have identified and analyzed recent vehicle issues which require action,” said Jeff Boyer, vice president of GM Global Vehicle Safety. Read more at Detroit News.

{Andy Newscenter}



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