Germanwings Crews Refuse to Fly


germanwingsAuthorities resumed search and recovery operations early Wednesday for the Germanwings plane that went down with 150 people on board in the southern French Alps. Officials said the recovery operation could last for days in the mountain ravine between Digne and Barcelonnette. Some Germanwings flights were canceled Wednesday when crews refused to fly.

A spokesman for the Vereinigung Cockpit union said some crews were refusing to fly because they were in shock and grieving over the deaths of friends.

Germanwings Flight 9525 was traveling from Barcelona to Duesseldorf on Tuesday, when it plunged in an eight-minute descent into the mountains without sending a distress signal. No one on board survived. The flight was carrying citizens from Germany, Spain, Australia, Turkey, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Belgium, officials said, some of the victims have been named. Read more at BBC.



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