Get After Seven Years


With the help of the Israeli police, the Israeli Chief Rabbinate’s agunah department headed by Rav Eliyahu Maimon tracked down and nabbed a recalcitrant husband from the U.S. who had deserted his wife for seven years. His wife had attempted to receive a get from him in the U.S. and renewed her efforts after learning that her drug dealing husband was visiting Israel.

Detectives hired by the agunah department tracked down the husband within ten days in a north Israel town, but he managed to escape. The rabbinate did not give up and with information from an accomplice and other means, the husband was arrested and bought before a beis din in Yerushalayim. After about three hours of negotiations, he gave a get to an emissary to hand to his wife, who was still in the U.S. She was represented in Israel by the Yad La’isha organization which helps women experiencing difficulty in getting divorced.

{ Israel News}


    • The drug dealer part is just a big lie intended to kill the character of the man. Once he is described as an “evil” person, everything somehow, supposedly makes sense. The reality is though, that dayonim and therapists say that in the vast majority of cases, it is the woman who is holding up the get through alienating the children and other evil.


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